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Tailor-made for every body

Try the tailor-made difference for free - and pay only when you love your uniquely fitted garment


HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN creates tailor-made dresses, suits and shirts for every shape and size

Designed and produced on-demand in Denmark


It is our passion to make clothes that fit every body


There are so many better things to do than joining the endless search for that 'right' pair of pants or waiting in line to return items that didn't fit

"Like men are investing in a great tailor-made suit, I need well-fitting work wear in excellent quality, that I can use again and again - and what a difference it makes when the clothes is made for my body"

Group Strategy Director, Consumer Company


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How it works
Image by Annie Spratt

How it works

All our styles will be produced to your measures, automatically.


All you need to do, is pick your textiles and get your measures taken - then sit back and let us produce your tailor-made outfits here in Denmark.

PICK YOUR TEXTILES & STYLES Choose your preferred styles, your choice of fabrics and color. Add any customization of features you would like (e.g. sleeve length, skirt length, lining) - or tell us if you have other needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

GET YOUR MEASURES TAKEN If you are located in Denmark, stop by our shop to have your measures taken. If you are not in Denmark, we'll set up a Zoom call to help you take your measurements.

GET YOUR OUTFIT Your tailor-made garments are produced in our facility in Denmark within 1-4 weeks. A few days if you're in a hurry. If you do not love your new bespoke items, we work with you until you do or you get your money back. Simple as that.

ORDER AGAIN IN LESS THAN 5 MINS From here on, your custom-made patterns are safely archived and you can order a new tailor-made outfit with a few clicks. If you change your body shape, just let us know your new measures and we adjust your patterns for future reference - we can even adjust your current outfits if you like.



Fit for both your body and the occasion

Building on a strong tradition in Denmark for design and innovation, we aim to be part of the shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry – providing better fitting pieces that you keep for years. Production is started when there is a need, to avoid large inventories and discarded items at the end of a season. We believe that all the garments you simply don’t buy and throw away anymore, are a significant step on that journey. 

We are not too concerned with short-lived trends and coming up with new collections every quarter. Instead we strive for timeless pieces which suits and supports an adult, female body - in the many different situations modern business women find themselves.

Our styles are designed for movement because we know you need to run through the airport, jump in a car, sit many hours at meeting tables or stretch your arms during that presentation.

Thanks to our fitting algorithm and fully digital patterns, we are able to deliver tailor-made garments at affordable prices, so you can focus on delivering value to the world.

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