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Made for Every Body

Try the tailor-made difference for free - and pay only when you love your uniquely fitted garment

HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN creates dresses, suits and shirts for every shape and size

Designed and produced on-demand in Denmark

The Suit

Introducing the epitome of elegance and sophistication: the tailored suit for women.
Crafted with precision and finesse for your curves, this ensemble exudes timeless charm and modern flair. 

Regardless of short lived trends, the sharp shoulders and fitted silhouette remains the uniform of power - and you can have it your way: from classic dark blue and fine woolens, to bold colors and the current double chested cuts, there's a perfect suit for every occasion and now also for every body.

The Dress

Designed with a real body and active life in mind, each dress is a testament to sophistication, confidence, and comfort.

Customize your dress with personalized touches, from subtle details like neckline and sleeve length to statement-making elements such as leather details and bold metal zippers.

Our goal is to create a dress that both fits your body and let you design your favorite style - regardless of what is trending this season.


The Rest

With our customizable design options, you can create your own unique look, tailored to your individual taste and preferences as well as your body type.

Choose from an array of styles from clean, classic silhouettes to flowing drapes and asymmetrical lines. You can experiment with different collars, sleeve lengths and fits and even combine tops and bottoms to create on-of-a-kind jump suits and dresses.

We got you, whether you want to quickly get dressed and get on with your day or are looking to create a statement piece that is uniquely yours.

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How it works

All styles will be adjusted to your unique measures and special requests.

All you need to do, is get your measures taken and let us know your preferences for styles and textiles - then sit back and let us produce your tailor-made garments here in Denmark.

It usually takes 3-10 days to get an outfit, but it may take longer if you wish for special textiles or require development of a new style.


Fit the body and the occasion

Building on a strong tradition in Denmark for design and innovation, we aim to be part of the shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry – providing better fitting pieces that you keep for years. Production is started when there is a need, to avoid large inventories and discarded items at the end of a season. We believe that all the garments you simply don’t buy and throw away anymore, are a significant step on that journey. 

We are not too concerned with short-lived trends and coming up with new collections every quarter. Instead we strive for timeless pieces which suits and supports an adult, female body - in the many different situations modern women find themselves.

Our styles are designed for movement because we know you need to run through the airport, jump in a car, sit many hours at meeting tables or stretch your arms during that presentation.

Thanks to our fitting algorithm and fully digital patterns, we are able to deliver tailor-made garments at affordable prices, so you can focus on delivering value to the world.

Contact Us


Flaskehalsen 8, DK-1799 Copenhagen V

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Tuesday & Thursday | 11 - 18

Saturday | 11 - 15

Sunday | Closed


Jægersborg Allé 20, DK-2920 Charlottenlund

By Appointment

Friday | 11 - 17:30

Saturday | 11 - 15

Sunday | Closed

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