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Our Textiles

The choice of textiles plays a central part in our mission is to produce long-lasting garments that fit any body.

For upcycling and re-selling to be an option, the textiles must also stand the test of times: the surface and intensity of the colors must be beautiful also after 3 years in use, and the fibers must FEEL amazing and not only look cute, so we use garments more often and keep them longer.

All our manufacturers are located in the EU (Italy and Portugal) to make sure that the production live up to our common European standards and to minimize our supply chain foot print. We also use already produced leftover textiles (deadstock), sourced from our German Agent.

Permanent materials

The permanent collection ensures, that you can re-order your favorite style and color through the years. We operate with only few types of thoroughly tested materials and we focus on natural fibers and exceptional quality. 

We are constantly looking to improve our selection of textiles.

If you have a great quality material we should use, let us know!

Deadstock materials

1-2 times per year, we source leftover textiles from other designers' productions. These textiles, which were already produced but not used, are called deadstock.

We primarily source our cotton-blends as deadstock: Thick woven textiles, often with some stretch content, we use for pants - and thin, super soft cottons we use for shirts.

We usually get 10-40 mtrs of leftover, and when they're gone, they're gone and only available as pre-owned garments. Stop by our office, to see what we currently have in (dead)stock.

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