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Step 1

Book time for measurements or just stop by

Step 2

Browse textiles & styles

Step 3

Get your

measures taken

Step 4

Receive your

tailor made outfit


No small print

We're sure you'll love clothes that are tailored for you - but we know it can be a big decision  

That is why we offer that you can be measured and have a sample sewn in test material, completely without obligation. And you only pay for your finished clothes when you LOVE how they fit and feel


An inspiration meeting


At HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN, we believe that great design is when fit, style and textiles together create fantastic clothing, that support the lifestyle and body of the individual.


At an inspiration meeting, you can browse the different style variations and talk to us about what a good fit means to you. We dive into our many different types of textiles, colors and possible uses.

You are completely free to design your own dream garment from a wide range of design elements - or something you've seen on Pinterest.


Last, you can have your measurements taken, so you are good to go if you decide to order your own tailor-made item at some point. It is off course completely non-binding.

We can also simply serve a cup of coffee while you browse our samples. 

We are really looking forward to meeting you.

Good reasons to book today

Get to know your size and measurements, which you can use everywhere

Build a sense of which textiles to look for - or avoid

Find the best styles for your body type

Design your own custom outfit if you have one in mind

Your next tailor made outfits are just an e-mail or text away the next time

Avoid returning ill-fitting clothes

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