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Our pattern-making algorithm and production services enable brands to offer tailor-made styles and utilize customer measurement data for optimizing the design process

Fashion production has issues

3/4 of the CO2 emissions from the fashion industry, is driven by production and distribution. Making sure that any garments stay in use as long as possible is essential for bringing down the exorbitant waste-level in the industry. Fit, quality and production flexibility are the foundation for ensuring longer  product lives.

Offer your selected styles on-demand and tailor-made

Decide your own mix of ready-to-wear and tailor-made styles

With a digital design, pattern and fitting flow, most manual processes and associated costs are eliminated from the tailoring process.


Patterns and tech packs can be shared directly with your preferred production partner(s) or produced on-demand with our production partners in Portugal.


Book a measurement appointment, load existing measures OR get one of the standard sizes

Test if a tailor-made version of the style is the right choice or a ready-made size will do just fine


40m tonnes

of textile is scrapped each year - not reused, not recycled


of the worlds CO2 emissions can be traced to the textile and fashion industry

US $100bn

worth of textiles are lost each year due to under-utilisation


of garments are sold at discount or never sold – just destroyed

Make overproduction and returns a thing of the past

Produce clothes that fit perfectly and last longer

Produce styles to be used and loved for decades

Across the industry, 40% of ready-made garments are sold at discount or never sold* – tailor-made apparel allows for on-demand (and potentially pre-paid) production

Inclusive-ness: Bring your styles to all body-types

When clothes are produced in standard sizes, we exclude potential customers – and risk shorter product lifetimes: 20% of an average wardrobe is used 80% of the time

Reduce volume of returned items by nearly 50%

46% of consumers return an online order due to wrong fit, size or color

Clothes should fit the body, not the other way around

We’ve observed an 80% conversion rate for our tailor-made products when women experience the styles


Offer clothes that fit the body

HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN was founded in 2020 by Camilla Haastrup. After a career working with innovation and production companies, she got a great idea. She knew how surprisingly challenging it was to find clothes that fit the body and the occasion. And observing how the current production methods drives an exorbitant waste (human and material) across the industry, the idea of offering brands a way to produce clothes with less waste and longer lifetime was born.


HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN started out as a consumer brand, delivering tailor-made garments, using our patternmaking algorithm, that makes patterns for our styles fitted to each customers, with a few clicks. Our production partners in Portugal produces in small batches on-demand: ALL our garments have a home before we produce them.

With HAASTRUP COPENHAGEN we've proven that fashion production doesn't have to be as wasteful. However, building and maintaining a digital design flow and pattern databases can be overwhelming for most fashion brands - and most often, small scale production and textile sourcing is not available for them. 

We're therefore decided to make our solution available for any brand, that wishes to design long-lasting products and produce only WHAT is needed WHEN it is needed.

Want to partner with us on this journey?

We’re looking for brands to partner with us in further developing the solution

Be among the very first generation of innovative brands that shape the fashion industry of the future to benefit the next generation of brands

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