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Let's talk about pants

"If they fit my waist, they're too tight everywhere else"

"They don't make that one style I liked anymore"

A few years have passed since it became commonly accepted for women to wear (the) pants, and yet this satisfying, practical and potentially super flattering type of clothing seem to live under the spell that many items for women suffer under: Made for looking-the-part, not for living-the-role.


Come visit and try the samples on and tell us how you want to wear your pants!

PA0X Archetypes.png

Want to join the design team?

We are continuously collecting design input for our next styles and would love to hear from you!

So please let us know: what makes your favorite pants so special and functional. Which features are a must for you when wearing pants - and what would they look like if you were to design your own pair of pants?

The Engineering explanation: Here is our take on which features and functions makes a great pair of pants. And we haven't even started to talk about fabrics.

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