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10 Summer Treats

Grab your sunglasses & hat and lean back! 

Summer has arrived, and we're catching our breath from a year of designing and building of our digital platform, forming new partnerships across Europe and building our own Voice as a fashion-tech-start-up. It's time for deep breaths and mid-day naps. And if you like I do have little kids, the podcasts are perfect for a stroll (and the interviews go super with a glass-of-your choice in the evenings). 

Here's a mixed summer-salad for your inner (and/or outer) fashion entrepreneur: a compilation of what I get inspired and excited about these days.

I hope that you get some down-time without deadlines, agendas and to-dos to spend with your loved ones. And I hope you count yourself amongst those.

With Lots of love and appreciation.

You got this. ❤️ 

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